Pedestrian safety is becoming a priority in NYC

The New York City metropolitan area is an assembly of vibrant communities even when restrictive movement orders are in place, and city management is taking further steps to improve the safety of those who walk, bike, and use the metropolitan transportation system. As every thing gradually gets back to normal, now is an excellent time to revitalize designated walkways and bike lanes for those who want to avoid motorized individual methods of transportation. Cars are great, but so is the traffic congestion from Times Square out to Queens and the Bronx. Public safety is a priority, and it could get better for city residents.

Study numbers are significant

The city is sold on the concept that study results are excellent information to use in making decisions regarding safety within their extensive jurisdictional bounds. Current attention to detail in safety includes reduced speed limits in certain areas of New York throughout the duration of emergency declaration status. The truth is that there is a significant number of pedestrian safety regulations already well-established within the city, and traffic generally moves smoothly until regulations are violated.

Federal intervention

It apparently is not enough that New York City officials are wanting to enhance inter-city safety standards. The United States government wants to do so as well. The new administration wants to implement through the United States Department of Transportation a federal law further establishing pedestrian safety standards for on foot or on bikes in the whole of the New York City area.

Personal injury attorneys in New York understand the basics of filing claims from inter-city accidents. Restrictions and responsibilities can apply to all parties to an accident, but the final test will be regarding negligence among all involved parties within the scope of the primary applicable pedestrian traffic law.