Common accidents that construction workers experience

The New York construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries out there for employees. In fact, it’s been estimated that 75% of all construction workers who are employed for a period of at least 45 years are likely to experience a serious injury. It’s more important than ever before for construction companies to develop keen safety measures and training programs to decrease this dangerously high risk.


The most common cause of construction worker fatality is falling. When dealing with overhead platforms, elevated workspaces and holes in the floor, construction accidents are imminent. It’s vital that employers provide necessary fall prevention equipment and measures to help reduce falls that are greater than six feet. Also, equipment like harnesses, scaffolding and ladders should be inspected regularly to prevent equipment failure.

Respiratory diseases

It’s a construction employer’s job to provide adequate safety equipment for workers who are dealing with dangerous contaminants. They also must provide adequate education to their workers about the potential hazards associated with the contaminants. Unfortunately, some construction workers are being diagnosed with respiratory problems that were caused by the inhalation of contaminated air. Contaminates can be in the form of fog, dust, smoke, gas, fumes, vapors or even sprays.

Machine injuries

Construction workers may need to work with various machinery to complete their tasks. It’s important that they are properly trained on each piece of machinery that they use and that the safety guards are properly activated on each piece of machinery. Machines that have barrier guards, electronic safety devices and two-hand tripping devices removed are dangerous to workers.

The construction industry is a very dangerous industry to work in. Workers can experience injuries ranging from mild to fatal. The above are just some of the most commonly experienced on-the-job injuries.