Worst area of the city for pedestrians and cyclists

Have you ever seen a white bike displayed along a New York City sidewalk and wondered what it was? A “ghost bike” is a memorial for a bicyclist who was killed by a motorist while riding. Unfortunately, one borough is notorious for its many ghost bikes.

The Bronx has a problem with pedestrian safety

The Bronx has had a problem with pedestrian and bicycle safety for a while, and hit-and-run accidents make the problem even worse. When a bicyclist or pedestrian is hit, it’s crucial to get a medical response team to the scene as quickly as possible. However, too many car drivers leave the scene of pedestrian accidents without calling the police.

In 2020, 8 out of 26 bicyclists who died in New York City were riding in The Bronx neighborhoods when they were struck. The high rates of pedestrian and cyclist fatalities in The Bronx are even more alarming when you know that 60% of the residents in this borough don’t own a car.

Road design and parking restrictions may help

Many roadways in The Bronx lack bike lanes or are in need of sidewalk repair. In areas where bike lanes do exist, there is a problem with car drivers parking in them. These factors result in a lot of bicyclists and pedestrians being forced walk or bike uncomfortably close to car traffic. The historic Grand Concourse has no protected bicycle lanes and is one of the most dangerous areas in the city for car accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists.

Injured pedestrians can sue negligent drivers

A car driver who hits a pedestrian or bicyclist can be sued for damages in a personal injury claim. If you were injured while walking or riding your bike around the city, you might consider filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver.