Fatal dangers to bicyclists in New York

Riding a bicycle should not come with excessive risks since drivers, pedestrians and bike enthusiasts often practice awareness and safe commuting. Statistics might tell a grimmer reality since fatality figures may be far higher than people realize. Anyone who routinely travels with a bicycle may not wish to close their eyes to these facts. Understanding the dangers associated with New York streets and roads could help everyone reduce risks.

Bicyclist fatalities and issues with U.S. streets

New York City may one day follow Chicago’s lead, as the Windy City committed to 48 miles of bike trails and corridors. Adding bike lanes may keep bicyclists in a safer place when traveling near moving vehicles. While many people point to moving violations as a common reason bicyclists may get hit and killed by a car, infrastructure plays a role.

A bicyclist and a driver might travel safely, but a pothole or another imperfection might lead to the bicyclist veering in front of a car. In such instances, a lawsuit against the municipality may follow.

Many cities work to reduce the dangers bicyclists and pedestrians face. However, no rule or regulation can adjust everyone’s behavior. Not all bicyclists wear helmets or other safety gear, which could prove regrettable when an accident occurs.

Following the rule of law

Traffic and bicycle safety rules intend to keep people safe. Not everyone adheres to regulations, and bicyclists may travel in the opposite direction of traffic or go through stop signs. Such behaviors might lead to bicycle accidents and fatal injuries.

Motor vehicle operators could commit some moving violations that put people’s lives in jeopardy. Speeding is among the most common, although distracted or drunk driving is not atypical.