Pedestrian deaths spike in early 2022

Pedestrians take risks whenever they are near moving vehicles. Walking along a New York highway near speeding cars isn’t the only way pedestrians find themselves in a potentially hazardous situation. Walking near a parked vehicle could become deadly if the driver pulls away without looking. Tragically, the first quarter of 2022 experienced too many examples of how pedestrians may lose their lives.

The fatal first quarter of 2022

Early 2022 proved to be a tragic month for many pedestrians in New York, as 59 people lost their lives. The organization Transportation Alternatives reveals that the 59 deaths represent a 44% increase from the first quarter of 2021.

The death toll seems shocking considering New York City implemented Vision Zero in 2014, a strategy to reduce traffic-related deaths. Sadly, even the best intentions and plans cannot prevent some drivers from behaving recklessly.

Pedestrians who learn about the dangers they potentially face in New York may wish to be more careful when walking. Still, they could find themselves involved in an accident through no fault of their own.

Negligence and traffic collisions

Fatal pedestrian accidents often happen when drivers don’t pay attention. A distracted driver may be daydreaming or texting and not see a light change or that people entered an intersection. A driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol could be too impaired to notice anyone, leading to a horrific crash.

Negligence could take many forms, with moving violations being among the most common forms. Speeding and making illegal turns reflect more than bad habits or impatience. Such actions could leave a driver liable for damages if an accident injures anyone.