Keeping construction employees and visitors safe

As an owner of a construction company in The Bronx and Queens in New York, you have a duty to keep your employees safe while on each site. While you might want to save money so that you can make a profit, there are some things that you want to ensure that you do from the time the work begins until the project is finished.

The right gear

One way to help prevent construction accidents is by ensuring that your employees have the proper safety gear while at each job site. Items that can be provided for each employee or that could be suggested for each person to have include a helmet, gloves, goggles, and earbuds.


There could be projects that involve reaching areas that are higher off the ground. Instead of using a ladder, a scaffold could be a better option. However, the scaffolding used should be properly maintained to prevent accidents. This typically means ensuring that the base is sturdy on the ground and that there are proper harnesses in the event that an employee was to fall, decreasing the risk of injuries occurring.


When employees arrive at the job site, there should be clear signs that indicate where they should go and areas they should avoid. Guests also need to be aware of any dangers that are present on the site so that they don’t linger or visit any areas where they could get hurt. Brighter colors can sometimes be seen better than those that are designed in black and white.

Construction sites can be maintained in a variety of ways to ensure the safety of workers and those who visit the site.